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 READ THIS FIRST! Welcme to the Unhosted section; game approval needed.

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PostSubject: READ THIS FIRST! Welcme to the Unhosted section; game approval needed.   Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:38 am

Welcome to the Unhosted Role Playing area at KMC.

This is the home for role-playing games that have no poster (or group of posters) in charge- hence 'Unhosted', as opposed to Hosted games which are run by a poster(s), often known as a Games Master, or GM. Most on-line RPs are Unhosted, hence this is the biggest RP area.

Unhosted games don't tend to have rules as such, but the community inside each game decides what and what is not acceptable. Playing is simply a matter of adding a post in-character, though many RPs often require some sort of registraiton process first, normally just to establish who your character is.

It is very important that you do not confuse this sort of RP with carry-on fiction. RPs are all about playing a role, hence the name. Playing these roles often goes towards creating a story, but if writing a story with other people is specifically what you are interested in then you will have to wait untill I have created the specific area.

There are some simple rules for Role-playing in this area.

1. Be polite and considerate at all times- especially to a long-established gaming community in one of the older RPs. Whilst obviously, people who come in spamming and insulting will be warned, so too will those who upset the balance of a game to the detriment of its players. Always have respect for a game you are playing in.

Note- obviously, it is acknowledged that in-character, you may be making insults that you don't actually mean as a person. These will not be acted against, but do make sure everyone knows what is fantasy and what is reality.

On that same note, whilst a certain flexibility for issues of violence in-game is given, please do try to stay away from overtly sexual or otherwise inappropriate content- remember, these are not adult forums, however some luminance shall be given on the subject if it ever comes to light.

2. Please do not take liberties with the freedom this area offers. With no literal rules, it is easy to create a superhero character with infinite power who can destroy the Universe in a blink of an eye... but a. that shows absolutely no imagination and b. it is totally unfair on other players who are trying to create a more measured story. Playing a totally dominant character in a game does not make you a better person!

3. As well as respect for a game, also respect other people's characters- this is very much the Golden Rule of Unhosted RPing. Don't just kill others off, or totally do them over, or totally undo some work they have done, just like that, for no reason, with no plot or drama, simply because you wanted it that way. This sort of egotism makes for very bad games. Players being caught doing exceptionally nasty things to others- and believe me, we have seen all sorts here over time- will face immediate bans from the RP areas, and if necessary bans form the board.

All that out of the way... the one part of this ares which IS very heavily regulated is in the creation of new games. This rule is important so I shall highlight it:


It will be closed. ALL GAMES must have permission from me before they start. This is because we otherwise get drowned in hundreds of games which no-one wants to play, which were opened by someone who thought it seemed a good idea at the time, and then forgot about it.

The process for permission is in fact very simple. Post and outline your idea, like:

"I have an idea for a game where we all play ancient dragons awoken after hundreds of years sleeping and trying to discover what destroyed our old world. You can play any colour dragon and make up your powers to fit who you are."

That idea, regardless of whether it is popular, works well as an idea because it says a. what you are, b what the setting is, and c. what the plot is. Any idea lacking any of these three things is likely to get many people scratching their heads, not sure what the point of the game is.

Once posted, simply wait for people to say if they are interested. If the idea looks fair, I normally approve the game once about four or five people show interest. Once I have given permission, you may open your thread and begin play. Real life does exist however and your idea may very well go unchecked for a while- Please be patient- I often view those who cannot be patient about an idea as obviously not being very committed to it.

Finally, three other rules about submitting game ideas:

1. The only place I will consider game ideas is this thread. Please don't PM me with game ideas or asking for permission- if I allowed that, I would get flooded, and answering some would be unfair on others.. I will simply ignore such PMs.

2. For the sake of space, a maximum of two threads per game please- normally one gaming thread (obviously), an a second thread for discussion of the game, registration for the game, or both.

3. Please don't fill up this thread with unnecessary chatter! It makes it harder for me to go through it. Keep it strictly for game ideas and interest in them, thanks.

4. Do NOT select characters in this thread. It wastes huge amounts of space and time. This is purely for the pitching of ideas and showing of interest, NOT for any form of content creation. Game ideas which encourage character selection in-trhead will not be allowed.

That's all. Thanks for your interest, and have fun gaming!

Post away with your new game ideas...

(Taken and edited from the RP rules section in the KillerMovies forums Role Playing area with thanks)

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READ THIS FIRST! Welcme to the Unhosted section; game approval needed.
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