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 Rules For those New to forums in general, and New to Jedi Love

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PostSubject: Rules For those New to forums in general, and New to Jedi Love   Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:45 am

Common sense is the main rule for the most part.

We want all the users to have fun, and enjoy themselves.

Special rule; the users Jon, Dave, Reznev and Willi (especially Willi) are above any form of punishment, and can forgo most of the rules. This section will be expanded soon, but for now, this is all you need to know;

Any breach of conduct, spamming (except from Dave, unless given extreme circumstances), repeated and abusive use foul language, or abusive behaviour (except from Willi, unless given extreme circumstances) will result in a warning from a Forum Moderator, or Administrator. Further breakage of the LAW will evoke a final warning, continuing will result in a temporary ban dependant entirely on the crime committed; at which point you may plea your case to a Forum Administrator.

Once reinstated further disruption of the Forum will be follow swiftly by a permanent ban carried out by a Forum Administrator.

Chances of getting back on the site after this point will be slim, if you are allowed back onto the site and continue disruptive behaviour, or are caught with another user name without good reason will result in an immediate ban and your IP address being blocked.

Any continued hassle from a particular person will result in Police involvement.

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Rules For those New to forums in general, and New to Jedi Love
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